“You won’t find a more caring and talented team of professionals anywhere else in our industry.”

The Weiler Difference

Outstanding Results

Dr. Weiler develops your customized treatment plan to maximize your smile's potential and guarantee a result you will love.

Patient Experience

Our team has one goal: to be the best part of your day by providing warm welcomes, bright smiles, and fun rewards.

Advanced Technology

No more molds! We use the latest technology to provide the most comfortable and convenient experience ever!

Retainers for Life

We offer retainers for life so you never have to worry about losing the smile we've created together!

What Our Patients Are Saying


"Dr. Weiler did an awesome job on my teeth. He exceeded my expectations beyond what I thought was possible. From my first appointment to my last he was on point on what needed to be done to get my teeth aligned. Shot out to his assistant Ashley for giving me advice on dental hygiene while going through the treatment as well as helping me to decide how often I should switch out trays thus speeding up my treatment plan."

L. Burton


“Dr. Weiler and his staff have been amazing! They have many options to pay. I had gotten the Invisalign treatment and they were amazing (p.s you cant you really tell that you had braces on). I love my new smile and I highly recommend this place!”

A. Santiago


“This team pampered me from the moment I received my consultation till the very end. The staff is not only professional but friendly. 100% will recommend anyone needing treatment to see Dr. Weiler and his staff for a great and thorough plan to perfect your smile! Thanks again Dr. Weiler from your Honda guy!”

R. Perez


"Weiler Orthodontics has done so much for me! They made my teeth so much straighter. They gave me a time limit and stuck with it which I appreciated. My teeth now look amazing and I couldn’t thank them enough."

A. Ringwald


"Dr. Weiler and his team have made my Invisalign experience a pleasure. They have been flexible with my schedule, made me feel important, and have made my smile goals come to fruition, less than 5 weeks to go! I remember having braces as a teen so I was anxious, but they have been awesome to work with! My daughter will be seeing them next year when she turns 7 to get a jump start on her orthodontic needs!"

A. Beahm


"Within a few months of starting my treatment with Dr. Weiler and his staff, I wanted to write a review because of how kind, professional, and friendly they were. However, I decided to wait until treatment was over and I am happy I did because now I can add how happy I am with the results. As an adult, getting braces felt very intimidating but Dr. Weiler and his team were lovely and made me feel so comfortable. The 200+ great reviews speak for themselves!"

V. Lawrence


"I highly recommend Weiler Orthodontics and Invisalign. I just completed my Invisalign treatment as an adult after having braces as a child and I am satisfied with the results and treatment process. Dr. Weiler is focused on obtaining the best results possible while also being knowledgeable and personable. The staff is friendly and always willing to answer questions, I was always seen promptly at my appointment times, and my appointments were always quick yet thorough."

J. Bowers


"Amazing staff and amazing service. My daughter had extensive work completed. I'm talking surgeries, exposures, a smile that we weren't sure would ever be straight. I'm proud to say that she has one of the straightest (and most importantly HEALTHIEST) smiles I've been blessed to see. Dr. Weiler and staff were caring beyond belief- always gracious, patient and kind. The front desk staff was super helpful and willing to work with you. I simply cannot recommend this place enough!"

J. Stoneberger


"Everyone at Weiler Orthodontics is caring and wonderful at their job. There was never a moment where I felt uncomfortable. I always felt taken well care of. They were so supportive the whole time, celebrated my accomplishments with me, and treated me like family."

J. Blosser


"I started out my trearment with one of those online companies. When I had a concern, I spoke with Dr. Weiler about what was happening. He helped me understand why it was so important to be in-person for these treatments and he did it with out being pushy. Dr. Weiler helped me transition from the awful online company to in-person treatments. I would recommend in-person with Dr Weiler 100% of the time."

S. Mathusek

What We Do

At Weiler Orthodontics, we strive to deliver compassionate and quality care to patients of all ages. Dr. Weiler takes a conservative approach to treatment and utilizes state-of-the-art technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Harrisonburg Orthodontics is one specialization of dental health that focuses primarily on dental and jaw alignment. Harrisonburg Orthodontics also refers to the various treatments available to fix problems related to the position and alignment of your dental structures. Please keep in mind that orthodontics doesn’t deal with any surgical interventions, as we rely instead on appliances and the use of targeted force over lengthier periods to realign your teeth and promote better oral health.

Common orthodontic issues include bad bites and crooked teeth. The proper term for these problems starts with malocclusion, as it is generally an inadequate relationship between your jaws that leads to orthodontic and dental development complications. Many patients come with crooked teeth as a result of their family medical history and accidents that result in direct trauma to their teeth.

The focus of any orthodontic treatment plan is to realign your teeth without surgical interventions gradually. Orthodontists develop your treatment plan by considering how to use orthodontic appliances that can push or pull your teeth in the exact direction they require and achieve the best possible results. Orthodontics doesn’t exist by itself, though, and some complex cases might require help from other specialists or more invasive procedures.

Unfortunately, orthodontic treatments are as varied as there are patients who require them. We cannot provide estimates of how long your treatment might take until we take a closer look at your current circumstances and tooth positioning. Some patients take between 18 to 24 months to achieve their desired results, but this will vary a lot from one case to another when you consider their oral health status, choice of orthodontic appliance, oral hygiene habits during treatment, and more.

There is no age limit to starting your treatment; however, there is an ideal age at which to start visiting the orthodontist. Parents should take their children to a board-certified orthodontist by age 7. Any time before that won’t be of much use because their permanent teeth won’t be erupting yet. However, it is at that early age that we can plan better for any developing issues and start treatment when it’s most efficient. Adults shouldn’t miss any opportunities to start their treatment as soon as possible, regardless of their age.

This will highly depend on your choice of orthodontic appliance, as not every treatment plan requires the same from you and your orthodontist. Clear aligners won’t require the adjustments that are so characteristic of orthodontic braces. Ceramic braces might be less durable than traditional metal braces, so you might need help more often. In essence, you’ll need to visit your orthodontist every 6 weeks or so.

No. The nature of orthodontics means you’ll feel some discomfort and possibly experience added tooth sensitivity, but you shouldn’t feel any pain. Please contact your orthodontist to get help if you start feeling pain. We want you to be as comfortable as possible while ensuring optimal treatment efficiency.