The goal of Phase 1 orthodontic treatment is to help develop smiles by ensuring there is adequate room for all of the permanent teeth. Dr. Weiler uses the proven Invisalign technology to guide the growth of the jaw and arches to ensure a beautiful smile and ideally functioning bite.

Phase 1 Invisalign® Treatment Harrisonburg, VA

Harrisonburg Invisalign First aligners can help your child’s growing smile, all while being comfortable, removable, and barely noticeable. Invisalign First:

  • Makes it easy to still care for your child’s teeth because it is removed before brushing and flossing.
  • Is comfortable because there are no brackets or wires to rub the inside of your child’s mouth.
  • Is designed to treat a wide range of issues, including even complex ones.

Harrisonburg Invisalign First provides predictable results, all while addressing your child’s unique issues. It has been specially designed with the smallest of smiles in mind and can address problems such as crowding, spacing, protrusions, and arch development.

If your child is around the age of seven and hasn’t yet had an orthodontic consultation, now is the time to begin. Seven is the ideal time for this because it allows Dr. Weiler the chance to monitor their smile and begin treatment when it can have the most positive impact. Early treatment can make the second phase of treatment more efficient and effective.

Invisalign First can be used on orthodontic patients as young as seven. Harrisonburg Early treatment can prevent issues from worsening while providing a healthy space for permanent teeth to erupt.

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