Weiler Smile Club Harrisonburg

Not ready for braces or Invisalign yet? We want you to join the Weiler Smile Club! It’s totally free and has sooooo many perks, including:

  • Prizes — choose a cool prize from our Prize box at every visit
  • T-shirt Rewards — Get your vintage T-shirt and wear it with pride! Post pics with your shirt around town on our Facebook, Instagram, or Tik Tok for fun prizes! Wear it to each appointment for points toward more cool stuff!
  • Unlimited free check-ups — We measure your growth, literally! Dr. Weiler and his team record your height and grip strength at each visit so you can see how much you have grown. They will also take X-rays and scans as needed to show you what’s going on!
  • Smile Club Skate Party — free admission for you and friend to our annual Skate Party at Funky’s Stake Center
  • $300 credit towards Invisalign — for Mom and Dad